Safe City

Security Assurance refers to testing for global management of public safety within a city, includes community safety (eg anti-terrorism, security incidents and mass events), accidents and disasters (eg industrial accidents and traffic), natural disasters (such as earthquakes and tsunamis) and public health care (eg infectious diseases).

With this realization objective we intend to experiment an advanced system that allows the sending of video content even at high resolution of unified central command with the following strengths:
Visibility: observe and manage the identified areas locally, manage resources (police and bodies responsible for emergency interventions), through a timely interaction with the sensors identified on the GIS (Geographic Information System) map.

Convergence: convergent communication methods, seamless video (video surveillance, conference, mobile and trunking terminal), voice (eLTE broadband trunking,) and data (GIS and SMS), interaction between terminals, collaborative management of a single accident through agencies.
Analysis: smart cameras, IoT gateway and a video analysis platform with a collaboration system including intelligent analysis algorithms.

Management: Complete monitoring platform connected to a massive number of sensors connected through the new generation networks made available by Huawei at JIC, able to guarantee the transport of signals of different nature (eg video codec h.265), and processed in real time at the JIC platforms of HPC (High Performance Computing) and Big Data.

In order to converge all the critical information into a single control point, solutions will be developed that can operate in multi-channel mode for alarm signaling, able to operate in unified control and command mode with visual control ensuring cross collaboration between the various institutions involved and operating in the security sector of the city. The research areas will be focused on:

  • Improve institutions' surveillance and response coverage to deter criminals and reduce crime rates in covered areas.
  • Test new video surveillance systems (Face recognition, plate recognition, intrusion detection, behavioral analysis, etc.)
  • Experiment with a modern unified control center able to speed up the process of taking charge of calls, dispatch to the correct competent authorities
  • Create a favorable urban security environment able to attract more tourists, foster the tourism economy, help the local fabric to enhance, hospitality, and service industries
  • Increase people's sense of security and satisfaction.