Huawei presents the smart city of the future in cagliari

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Huawei presents the smart city of the future in cagliari

This laboratory has a very important role, more than for Cagliari for the whole of Sardinia because we need to create skills, projects, professionalism around being intelligent which, it seems a generic phrase but, it is essential, when a person takes a bus, the morning, he must know what time he arrives, he must know if it is full or if it is not full, it is a service that translates into a better life, when you go to a place you have to be sure; for example, video surveillance must work quickly, it must be there and it must work very well.

When you move around Sardinia with Arst transport, everything has to work much better than it does now. Intelligence serves to make everyone’s life better, an intelligent Region is also a region where new jobs are created, the jobs they need, which are well paid and we want to create them as soon as possible, we don’t want to wait for them to arrive slowly, instead we want to push for them to be created immediately because we need them everywhere.

In Sardinia there is a lot of work that can be done in this thing called the Intelligent Region, think of agriculture which in some parts of the world is one of the most technologically advanced sectors, where farmers have good incomes because they are able to use, to take advantage of a technology that today saves a lot of costs, which increases production at times of the season when prices are higher and so on.

We have a lot to do, there is a lot of work that we can create if we idly wait for it to arrive decades will pass, if we move as it happens here, we will do it much faster as we need it.

Let’s start with the presentation of this IOC Intelligent Operations Center project, a center that brings together all the information we can collect in the city and uses it to provide quality service to citizens, then the theme is how to bring together all the subjects because we think that we must collect information from public transport, to the airport, to the port in perspective to the stadium, to all the activities that are carried out within the city, therefore governance is essential, how to bring together all these obviously the institutional ones the Municipality, the Region, and the University, the Crs4, the private operators.

So we think we will create a control room inside the Joint Innovation Center which is the research center that we have built together with Huawei and all the interested actors will be able to contribute there.

This spirit of collaboration between the institutions is truly fundamental because without the collaboration then it is not possible to carry out this important project, it is a project that the region is financing with 4 million euros, the metropolitan digital fabric together with the city of Cagliari and all the other interested parties, for us Cagliari is the laboratory to then extend this idea throughout the Sardinia Region.

This project is the combination of a technological innovation that obviously brings the Huawei group, which is one of the largest multinational companies in the telecommunications sector and in the applications of artificial intelligence, private networks, we aim with the foresight of the local structures of the university to implement a system that is still not very evident within the various public organizations.

It is a system that simplifies citizens’ lives, allows the use of technologies that can also bring important savings in energy consumption, waste cycle management, health care and many other environments, in fact it represents a little flower flagship not only of the city of Cagliari but also in many other countries not only Italian but outside of Italy.

We are really happy to have developed this concept together and to be able to bring it as an experience to other Italian cities and other countries.