Huawei in cagliari and in Sardinia: smart city for intelligent life

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The city of Cagliari in recent years has worked for the creation of an ecosystem, the important thing that has been done, is to create a large platform capable of collecting all data and then making it available to citizens, companies and public bodies, we have worked on this, now we also have the opportunity to start offering innovative services to our fellow citizens.

The future is that everything we are experiencing on Cagliari, the services we are giving to the citizen but above all also the services that the city will be able to exploit to try to anticipate the future, can be increased throughout the island. We are facing a great transformation that will completely change the way of living cities, I think only of what can happen in the world of public transport, we can go from transport services that today are fixed on structures to on-call services, we can have the ability to make choices also from the public administration that are based on objective data, we can truly change the way of living cities, we can also increase the participation of citizens who can give suggestions on how to transform our communities.

The new technologies as well as helping the citizen, as well as helping the Body and therefore the municipality or the region will help the business world because the business world will develop on what will be the new technologies. We are starting to work on some projects that will allow us for example to control the abandonment of waste in the city, which will also allow us to understand if people, when there are large crowds, have dangerous objects in their hands, or if they can abandon something that can become dangerous; we are also working to have a full knowledge of who arrives in the city, which means of transport he uses, how many cars enter, how they enter, to try to reprogram the transport service as a whole.

The plans are to start immediately with two other medium-sized cities in Sardinia to continue carrying out what experimentation but also the use of those services that we have experienced, research centers have played a fundamental role. The dream we have in these five years is to focus heavily on mobility, sustainable mobility, electric mobility, energy efficiency and the creation of energy districts, what we would like to do is to be able to ensure that some public buildings, tomorrow they can not only consume energy but also produce it and when they do not consume it, transfer it to the buildings that are next to it, to citizens and therefore create small energy districts, this will mean better use of energy, produce, consume less but above all also lowering citizens' bills.

Sinnova is a now fixed appointment in the city of Cagliari, an appointment where all those who work in the field of innovation technologies meet where many ideas can arise, where there are already many innovative ideas. The Sinnova event is an important event that gives us the opportunity to compare the startup with the business world, however this must be normal, what we must try to create is culture with new technologies.

Huawei has already given the first push which has been fundamental in introducing us to this new world. The part with Huawei is fundamental in the sense that it has already brought its ability, the quality of its collaborators and we think that with its great quality, with its great contribution of ideas it can help us bring other subjects, other researchers, therefore other intelligences and resources to make Cagliari one of the fundamental cities that can transform and arrive at both the energy and digital transition in Italy and also in Europe.