Huawei and the digital transformation in Sardinia the smart region of the future is already here

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We want to tell how technology at the service of citizens can change and improve the life of an entire community, Cagliari is transforming itself into a real smart city.

Thanks to the Joint Innovation Center in the technology park of Pula and the Intelligent Operation Center, a group of researchers and engineers has created a platform capable of collecting, processing and managing all data from the city.

The Joint Innovation Center is a laboratory born from the collaboration between Crs4, Huawei, the Sardinia Region and six small medium-sized enterprises, we created this laboratory with an enabling platform in the city and then a series of vertical applications were inserted within this platform . A large central brain where information is transformed into concrete tools and decisions, which brings Cagliari one step into the future.

The Intelligent Operation Center can be compared to the brain of the human body connected to the nervous system, for us the nervous system is that which comes from all the sensors that are present in the city, which could be traffic lights, cameras, parking sensors and much else.

Having such a system eventually allows you to put together data that would otherwise be unrelated, the fact of putting it together gives a more precise view of what is happening.

It is estimated that by 2050, 70% of the world's population will live in cities, it is therefore essential for large urban centers to face modernity and prepare to be structured in an increasingly intelligent way. The infrastructure is made up of equipment for the data center, therefore storage, IT where we are going to make the datalake, where all this information will arrive, this data that the various administrations and various stakeholders and entities will make available to us.

It is extremely important to have an idea of what is happening everywhere, in particular in this project we have installed video cameras that allow us to have alarms in some areas depending on what is happening; another very important aspect in a city is mobility, traffic management and everything related to the mobility of people in the city, in particular there is an application that we studied together with the municipality of Cagliari, or the management of parking for the disabled, in particular an App where they can check and get information on the parking closest to their position.

The weather forecast in a city is extremely important, in the case of a city like Cagliari where certain areas are below sea level, to actually know how to warn citizens.

The project was framed in the form of a collaborative project of three fundamental subjects: one represented by the Sardinia region that provided the vision of what the objectives and mission of the project itself should be, the second component represented by the CRS4 research center, which provides the skills and knowledge to carry out the project and the third component represented by the entrepreneurial fabric or by a very strong technological partner, precisely that of Huawei, beyond this by a very active entrepreneurial component, represented by our SMEs.

Each reality in this working group has its own competence, Tecnit's task was to take care of all the radio part, the LTE part and therefore the connectivity part. The role of IT Euromedia together with the other partners has been to create those infrastructures of central systems on which the applications that must give the results of our research go to work. ICT Plus has dealt with the area of the network, therefore with a broad spectrum from security to switching systems, firewalling. Netcom provides technicians and engineers both as regards the installation of the equipment and, together with the other SMEs and Huawei, also the design on the territory of the Sardinia Region.
The goal is certainly to create an ever wider ecosystem, our goal is to bring together many stakeholders who have different ideas, to become in some way the center of competence for smart cities and smart regions in Italy.