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The Project


The goal of the project is the realization of an experimental infrastructure with which new technologies will be developed for widespread connectivity on a metropolitan scale, functional to the development of mathematical models aimed at solving problems related to smart cities, the experimentation of widespread sensors for the acquisition of large volumes of data that will be managed through the development of architectures for OpenData and Bigdata, the testing of systems for city safety (safe city) and the study of new generation e-LTE systems.

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The Team

The cooperation between the involved subjects will be intense and substantial, the intellectual and organizational efforts will be shared, oriented towards a real solution. The specific objective of CRS4 and Huawei is the diffusion of technological know-how, both towards Public Administrations and towards SMEs, in order to act as a flywheel for the adoption of advanced technologies and applications. Specifically, the activities carried out in the project will constitute for the staff of the companies involved an increase both cultural and educational of mutual knowledge.

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